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Sample sow

For beef & sow

Sample pig


Localization image as an example for the beef industry


Search for individual animals in group housing

Are you standing in front of a group of your flock and looking for an animal? No problem – open your app and locate the animal from its current location.

Each animal is assigned to its compartment in real time, so you never have to manually record stable changes or relocations again.


Health monitoring

Your helper in every situation

We cannot replace your intuition and experience, but we can significantly improve the basis for your decision-making. We can tell you which animal needs attention and why.

Taking Care.png

Birth detection

Be informed promptly about every birth

Regardless of whether the birth begins or lasts, you always know what is going on with yours.

Estrus detection

Reduce your idle days

Detecting heat or heat can be a very time-consuming topic and is essential to enable smooth operations. 

Estrus Detection for sows and cattle
BioTag (sensoreartag) image

In numerous studies and pilot projects, data is collected from selected veterinarians, which our A.I. continually improve. Our aim at this point is to guarantee the highest quality and to make permanent improvements the minimum standard.

But this is where our work begins, which results in your added value. We don't provide data, we provide insights and information.

Data image as decoration

Progress through data

Regardless of whether the data is displayed as a graph or a push notification on the smartphone, every piece of information flows through a complex and multi-layered software ecosystem to ultimately guarantee only one thing: your practical use.

But you can be sure that you are in control of your data. No matter whether you want to individually design your information per animal or have local backups. Everything is in your hands.


All features can be accessed via an API, so that our services can be quickly and easily integrated into your application!

API image for the API for the BioCV system
NPM image for the API for the BioCV system

Want to know what unplanned tasks are going to happen in the stable before you've even put your boots on? This is possible with the BioCV system!

In an attractive but easy-to-understand overview, you can quickly get an overview of the entire stable.

Data can also be exported here or all other information can be managed and changed.

Everything at hand, anytime & everywhere

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