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Product overview

Discover our wide range of products and learn more about our attractive price models. If you are interested in one of our products, we are at your disposal. Either use the convenient contact form below or write to us directly We look forward to sending you an individual offer. You also have the option of calling us on +49 173 9837012. Our experts are happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and answer all your questions.

Explore our Assembly and planning guidelines as well as an illustrative example of a stall scenario. This gives you a rough overview of the planning requirements. Our information is intended to give you a basic understanding and to help you capture the most important aspects of planning. We support you in taking the right steps to successfully implement your projects. Contact us for further orientation and start preparing your project together with us.

BioCV GmbH BioNode



excl. VAT

BioCV GmbH BioNode Research

BioNode Research


excl. VAT

BioCV GmbH BioTag



excl. VAT

BioCV GmbH BioNode, BioTag and pliers (test kit)

test kit


excl. VAT


BioCV GmbH pliers

BioTag pliers


excl. VAT

BioCV GmbH PoE Serverrack 16 Port

PoE server rack 16 port


excl. VAT

BioCV GmbH PoE Serverrack 8 Port

PoE server rack 8-port


excl. VAT

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