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BioCV is committed to revolutionizing animal husbandry through cutting-edge technology. Founded with a mission to improve transparency and efficiency in the livestock industry, we offer innovative solutions that promote animal health, welfare and productivity.

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We know that running a farm is not an easy task. That's why we developed our groundbreaking BioCV system, a range of intelligent products that work seamlessly together and provide real-time data on every animal. Our Bluetooth sensor ear tags are equipped with advanced activity and temperature monitoring sensors, allowing farmers to understand the physiological condition of their animals like never before.

What really sets us apart is our unique combination of hardware and software solutions. We use sophisticated neural networks and machine learning algorithms to analyze the data collected by our devices to help farmers identify key physiological events and anticipate potential health issues. From identifying the exact timing of heat to predicting disease occurrence and stress levels, our technology enables farmers to make proactive, informed decisions.

With BioCV you not only take care of your livestock, you also improve their health, welfare and productivity. Together we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for the livestock industry.

Welcome to the intelligent Laindustry. Welcome to BioCV.

The team

profile picture Moritz Gansel

Moritz Gansel

BioCV Ltd

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profile picture Deniz Fuhrmann

Deniz Fuhrmann

BioCV Ltd

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profile picture Jonas Riepe

Jonas Riepe

BioCV Ltd

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profile picture Weerphong Sombatboon

Weeraphong Sombatboon

BioCV Thailand Co. Limited

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profile picture Lukas Arendt

Luke Arendt

BioCV Ltd

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