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BioCV Pig

Picture which should represent the heat of the pigs

Reducing Mortality 

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Individual animal registration including digital identity

ild was die Lokalisierung der Schweine darstellen soll

Localization in the barn/ farm

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Prognosis of the optimal time for insemination

Possible applications

Welcome to the BioCV System - your pioneering solution for optimized pig breeding. Here we would like to explain to you in a comprehensible way the many possible applications of our system in your farm:


The breeding process starts with the sows in the mating center, when they are waiting for their natural heat. At this point, the BioTag comes into action. It collects important data that is continuously analyzed by the BioCV system. This precise system narrows down the optimal time for insemination to a window of just 24 hours. This targeted narrowing down significantly increases the chances of a successful insemination - an important step towards successful breeding.

In addition, our team is currently developing a model for pregnancy detection. A reliable statement about whether a sow is pregnant should provide a sound basis for your planning. All information determined by the system is summarized in the dashboard on a daily basis:

BioCV GmbH WebApp App

During the phase when your animals are waiting in the barn, our BioCV system works diligently in the background. It takes care of keeping an eye on various important health factors such as temperature and movement patterns. Our special attention at the moment is on early detection of two particular problems: Lameness and Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome (PDS).

Why is this so important? Well, by detecting lameness and PDS early, you have the opportunity to take appropriate action in time to keep your animals in the best possible health. Imagine being able to identify problems before they get worse - that could make a big difference in your animals' well-being.

But that's not all. We've also thought about medication management. You can create individual treatment plans for each animal, or for the entire barn. This system will then remind you in the dashboard of upcoming events and give you a clear overview of everything you should keep an eye on.

With our technology, we want to help you protect the health of your animals and provide the best care possible. Because we know that healthy animals are happy animals - and that is, after all, our common goal.

BioCV GmbH smatphoneApp App
BioCV GmbH smatphoneApp App

Optimize the management of your animals in the barn with our advanced localization solution. Whether you need to relocate animals or administer medication, we offer you an innovative way to manage your herds efficiently. Thanks to our special technology, you can search specifically for individual animals or view the location of your entire herd at a glance.

Our mobile app allows you to determine the exact location of animals in real time, without having to get close. Identifying and monitoring animals has never been easier. Precise location is determined from a safe distance, which not only increases efficiency, but also minimizes stress for the animals and increases their safety.

Simplify your daily operations, saving time and resources while improving the well-being of your animals. Our solution gives you the ability to stay on top of things and take targeted action without compromising animal health. Experience the future of animal husbandry - discover our localization technology for farmers now!

BioCV GmbH smatphoneApp App
BioCV GmbH smatphoneApp App

Shortly before farrowing, the sow is moved to the appropriate barn. Here, too, our system helps you, because it again informs you 12 hours before the birth. Enough time to make the final arrangements and ensure that the upcoming birth is accompanied in the best possible way.

The BioCV system combines state-of-the-art technology with best breeding practices. It is our goal to make your pig breeding more efficient, more successful and above all healthier. Trust our BioCV System - for a future where technology and farming go hand in hand.

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