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Our goal is to ensure end-to-end traceability of livestock - from birth to slaughter.


In 2021, we have already achieved traceability successes in collaboration with partners such as Tönnies and the Venneker Group. Our main concerns are to prove first-class quality, safety, animal health, sustainability, transparency, transport times and regionality. Why is this of great importance? Here are some reasons that speak for our initiative:

Image showing the traceability of cattle and meat respectively


Location data

Health data

1. quality and food safety: Our traceability solution makes it possible to document the entire life cycle of an animal. This is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of food of animal origin. In case of health problems or recalls, we can quickly identify the origin of the affected animal.


2. disease control and animal health: accurate tracing can detect diseases or infections in animal herds at an early stage. This helps contain outbreaks and protect the health of our animals while preventing the spread of disease to other herds or regions.


3. transparency and trust: We understand the growing demand for transparency regarding the origin and husbandry of farm animals. Our solution enables consumers to track an animal's journey from farm to fork, building trust and promoting informed choices.


4. sustainability and regionality: we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Our traceability technology enables us to analyze resource consumption, transport routes and emissions related to animal husbandry. This is an important step in promoting more sustainable practices and minimizing our environmental impact.

5. increasing efficiency: by monitoring animals and their movements, operations can be optimized. Our traceability data makes it possible to improve feeding and health programs and increase production efficiency.


We invite you to become part of our animal and meat traceability initiative. Together, we are committed to responsible animal husbandry, safe food and a sustainable future. Follow the journey of your food with us - from the farm to your plate!

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