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Smart Farming Revolution: SOS Project Unveils AI-Powered Welfare for Sows and Piglets

Working on farrowing Sows - Jonas Riepe/ BioCV GmbH
Working on farrowing Sows - Jonas Riepe/ BioCV GmbH

A new research and innovation project, funded with 6.7 million Danish kroner by Innovationsfonden, aims to improve the welfare of pregnant sows and increase piglet survival rates using artificial intelligence. The SOS project will develop innovative monitoring solutions for sows, reducing mortality and enhancing overall health.

This involves sensor-based ear tags for continuous health and behavior tracking, with a focus on early disease detection and intervention. Combining the expertise of BioCV, Aarhus University, and the Technological Institute, this project represents a significant step towards more humane and sustainable livestock farming.

For more information, read the full article here.

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