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The BioCV system LISA
Livestock Interface for Sensordata and Analytics

One to fit them all!

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BioCV Pig

BioCV Cattle


More than just an ear tag!

BioCV ear tag, BioTag
BioCV ear tag, BioTag

The BioTag was designed by us for demanding use in the stable and offers a very high degree of stability and resistance.

Since the brand should accompany the animal throughout its life, longevity was our priority.

The integrated sensor technology enables the body temperature to be measured, as well as the movements of the animals. In addition, the actively transmitting BioTag enables the localization of individual animals through proximity locating and the easy retrieval of the digital identity of all animals in the immediate vicinity (up to 60 meter scanrrange).


The brand is made of medically tested material and is absolutely safe for permanent skin contact. 

We are constantly working on improving the design in order to reduce brand loss rates to an absolute minimum.




years term

meters range


> 6000

Animals digitized

BioCV ear tag, BioTag with spike


Livestock Interface for Sensordata and Analytics

The digital stable hand!

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We are pleased to present our latest breakthrough in animal care - the continuously developed BioAssistant LISA! With LISA, we have created an innovative technology designed to support you and your employees in the daily tasks of animal care.

Continuous monitoring for healthier animals

LISA works tirelessly in the background to analyze your animal data. It detects early signs of illness, such as fever or insufficient exercise, and alerts you in time for you to respond appropriately. This proactive health monitoring allows you to detect and treat diseases at an early stage to maximize the well-being of your animals.

With the BioCV app you can safely and robustly integrate all functionalities

bring the stable.

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BioCV GmbH, LISA, App. Smartphone

Optimization of insemination and birth prediction

Not only health, but also insemination is an essential aspect in animal husbandry. LISA continuously monitors the fertility status of your animals and can also provide you with accurate birth predictions. This allows you to efficiently plan the care and support of your pregnant animals and ensure that the offspring are cared for in the best possible way.


Instant notifications, multiple options

Events such as rutting or rutting, as well as cases of disease, are detected by LISA and communicated in real time. You can choose from various communication channels to select the most convenient option for you. One of the options is our intuitive app, which allows you to conveniently keep track of all data while on the go.


Managing your herd made easy

To make animal care as easy as possible for you, we have developed a web-based application. With this application, you can manage your entire herd while accessing the data and insights that LISA provides you. This user-friendly interface allows you to efficiently organize all aspects of animal care.

With our globally unique AI models, we enable you to track the rushes and births of your animals in real time. With each input and assessment of the prediction, you can continue to improve the accuracy.

BioCV GmbH, LISA, App. Webapp


All functionalities available!

BioCV GmbH, LISA, BioNode, Hub

To the data of BioTags to process, relevant areas in the barn are covered with our BioNode fitted.

Due to the fixed assignment to a locality, the BioNode also automatically sort the animal to an area or pen.

Keep track of your animals at all times!

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WIFI Access Point 

Once installed, you will have WiFi access throughout your barn


Integrate all functions into your system!

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Are you a provider of management software or similar peripherals?

Integrate all our functionalities easily and quickly into your system!

Help your customers into a new era of digitization.

If you are interested or have any questions about an integration, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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