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BioCV research

Raw Data, Data Analysis, Data Storage & camera technology

For research institutions andWe offer universities again separatelyte DServices that enable the use of the BioCV system in studies. 

Image of a researcher at a microscope

Raw Data Export & data evaluation

Increase and improve the data basis of your research with the BioCV system

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Our system was andis currently used in numerous dissertations in the field of veterinary medicine. At this point, BioCV has competencies in the areas of:

  • Evaluation of manually collected data based on sensor data

  • Big data preprocessing

  • Provision of Big Data

  • data representation

  • Advice  and recommendations for study design

  • Finding relevant stochastic metrics

camera technology & data storage

Expand your information base

Since visual inspection is usually essential when conducting studies in the area of sow and pig husbandry, we also offer camera systems for use in the barn.

If desired, the data can be stored on our servers in any quantity and accessed in real time.

Image of a camera


See for yourself

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